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lisovanie z krištáľových tyčí
Rough grinding
the pressed raw material is further ground roughly on silica sands with a grain size of 100 to 180 µ

jemné brúsenie skla
Pressing of basic raw material
the basic raw material for further processing is pressed from crystal bars in a melting furnace at a temperature of 950 degrees
hrubé brúsenie na pieskoch
Fine grinding
coarse grinding is followed by fine grinding on special grinding wheels
Auxiliary operations
operations that are essential for product perfection. Grinding and polishing of side surfaces and edges
vertikálne brúsenie na diamantoch
opracovanie brúsením - dodatočné operácie
leštenie vedlajších plôch
all grinding operations are followed by polishing of the glass on the cerates
leštenie na drevených kotúčoch
Some final operations
for example, bonding animals
spájanie dielov dokopy lepením
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